Gold Bead Implants

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture without the consistent appointments and discomfort by your pet? One alternative to this is gold bead implants. These implants can have the same positive effects of acupuncture at all times. This can be especially beneficial to owners who have hectic schedules. Through the use of gold bead implants you wont have to worry about missing an appointment for your pet again!

Our Gold Bead Implant Service Areas Include:

How do gold bead implants work?

These implants function by inserting gold beads into specific target, or acupuncture areas, on the pet. Once they are inserted, they will work consistently to alleviate any type of pain that the animal may be suffering from.

The gold bead implants are small, which allow them to be implanted without any type of discomfort for the pet. They provide constant relief throughout the daily life of your pet because they are placed near the pressure points of the animal.

What problems do they solve?

Not only are gold bead implants and excellent alternative medical solution, but also they area one of the more effective medical breakthroughs. These beads can solve many of the following issues:

  • Arthritis
  • Certain Types of Paralysis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Long Term Injuries
  • Non-Healing Factors
  • Traumatic Injuries

This is only a small sampling of the vast benefits that can be enjoyed by gold bead implants. The most important factor is to work with a professional who has the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right for your pet.