Working with Your Holistic Veterinarian

Holistic veterinarians use natural approaches to animal health care.

Working with Your Holistic Veterinarian for the Best Results

Holistic Veterinary Healing is a vet clinic that serves the Rockville area. When you seek out natural therapies, it’s important that you understand how to work closely with your pet’s doctor to ensure you understand all treatments and therapies. Some holistic approaches to veterinary care are unfamiliar to pet owners. That’s why you must be proactive when seeking alternative treatments.

Don’t Forget to Communicate

When your vet recommends a particular therapy, it’s important to understand why that therapy is suggested and how it may help your pet. Although natural therapies are non-invasive, it’s fundamental to understand the results you should see from the treatment. Our vet clinic offers therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, ozone therapy, moxibustion, and prolotherapy. If you hear a term you aren’t familiar with, we encourage you to ask us and let us explain exactly how a treatment works and why your pet will benefit.

Follow At-Home Protocols

Unlike traditional veterinary medicine, which provides you with a pill and some instructions, you may need to enact some at-home protocols when seeking holistic treatments. If your pet is undergoing food therapy, it’s important that you don’t deviate from that therapy at home. If one of the veterinarians recommends a certain amount of exercise, you must be committed to ensuring that your pet receives the exercise he or she needs. To get full benefits from holistic treatments, you must work well with your pet’s doctor. If you live in Rockville, we invite you to try our natural approach to pet health and improve your pet’s well-being.