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Holistic Veterinary Care vs. Traditional Care

Holistic veterinary care provides an integrative approach to your pet’s health care.

Holistic Veterinary Care

Rather than focusing on symptoms and prescribing medicines or injections that will only mask the symptoms, holistic veterinarians will focus on the source of the pain or illness to try to heal your pet’s overall health. Holistic Veterinary Healing is a vet clinic that serves the Germantown area with a holistic approach to animal care. When you seek alternative treatments for your pet, you may be surprised at the results you get from treatments that don’t involve prescription medicines.

Traditional Care Treats Symptoms

Veterinary care is much like the care individuals receive from medical doctors. Traditional veterinarians that don’t learn about natural and holistic therapies operate much like traditional medical doctors. This means that when you bring your pet in for care, you will most likely leave with an array of medications after your pet received an injection or two to jumpstart the healing process. However, many of the medicines used in the traditional vet clinic simply mask symptoms of disease and do not find the source of the problem. Pets can stay on medications for years to help manage the symptoms of an illness without ever being cured.

Holistic Care Looks for the Source

The main difference between traditional and holistic care is that holistic vets look to find the source of the problem. While your pet may temporarily need medication, the vet will encourage you to try diet changes, increase exercise, engage in massage or chiropractic adjustments, or try herbal remedies. Our Germantown office will work with you and your pet to determine which therapies will best address your pet’s current health condition.