Do you have a pet suffering from arthritis? Can you no longer pet your dog because they are suffering from serious joint pains? If these sounds like common issues currently occurring with you pet, then it may be time to look into aquapuncture. This holistic method of healing can help heal and comfort your pet from their painful join and muscle issues.

What areas do we service?

How does it work?

Like acupuncture, aquapuncture treats muscle and nerve issues by injecting specific pressure areas on your pet. These direct shots inject all natural vitamins, including B-12, into the affected areas to help alleviate many of the common symptoms of muscle pain and discomfort.

This is especially useful for pets that fail to sit calmly for long periods of time. The shots are administered quickly, and can begin taking affect in only a few treatments.

What are the benefits of aquapuncture?

When it comes to your pets, you always want to give them the very best all the while helping them with their health issues. Aquapuncture is a great alternative to acupuncture, which can have various benefits including:

  • Highly effective
  • Minimal discomfort to pets
  • Safe and healthy for animals
  • Direct application to the problem

No only will you be able to enjoy these various benefits when getting this service for your pets, but also, you will have peace of mind knowing that aquapuncture is completely safe and natural for your pets to enjoy.