Why Massage Is Good For Your Favorite Dog Or Cat

Pampering your pet is good. Pampering in a way that can be beneficial to him or her is something even the most conservative animal hospital can agree with. At the holistic animal clinics such as Holistic Veterinary Healing, pampering of this sort is not only accepted but promoted – particularly if the form it takes is massage.

Pet Massage

Pet massage is an adapted version of human massage. As such, it is more than petting. It is recommended by holistic animal hospitals to address certain health issues. In fact, where joint problems are involved, pet massage can be an effective means of reducing pain. In many animal clinics it has now become acceptable to recommend massage in conjunction with standard or conventional forms of veterinary treatment.

Why an Animal Hospital May Recommend Massage

Veterinarians are beginning to realize the benefits that result from a pet receiving a massage treatment. Like massage therapy for humans, pet massage therapy provides the receiver and even the giver, with certain compensations. At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we know that massage therapy:

  • Is a means of relieving joint and other pains,
  • Can help you find any suspicious lumps or growths before they become serious,
  • Helps increase and improve the bond between pet and human,
  • Allows both to spend quality time together, and
  • Can help relieve stress and anxiety for both you and your pet.

Learning about Pet Massage

There are several ways you can discover how best to massage your canine or feline companion. Books are a readily available source. You can also easily find videos to purchase or to simply watch on the internet. They can provide you with the basics. Ask your trusted holistic veterinarian at your local animal hospital if he or she can recommend any. In fact, he or she may suggest that you first contact a professional.

There are advantages to having your pet receive a treatment from a professional. A pet massage therapy professional can guide you through the treatment process making sure you understand exactly what to do. They will demonstrate the techniques that are best suited for your pet. In doing so they can show you the points to avoid applying pressure on as well as how much pressure to use on your specific pet.

The Animal Hospital, Your Pet and Massage

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of pet massage therapy, talk to a vet. He or she can recommend a local practitioner. In fact, the animal hospital may actually have someone trained in this procedure on staff. If not, you might want to consider talking to a holistic veterinarian clinic. Those, such as Holistic Veterinary Healing animal hospital can help illuminate you on the correct purpose and benefits of this treatment. Call 240-715-6570 for more details.