Trademark Qualities of Honest, Holistic Veterinarians

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Our pets are extremely important to us, whether they act as our door-greeters, mailman-chasers, or nighttime feet-warmers. Your pet deserves the best in preventative care and illness treatment, so look for a holistic veterinarian who cares as much about your pet’s health and well-being as you do. Here are three characteristics of a good holistic vet:

1. Open-Minded

The best veterinarians are truly open-minded about treatment options. They are realistic and sensible but, keeping your pet’s best interests in mind, typically want to use natural treatments whenever possible. This could include acupuncture along with modern medicine, or a short-term treatment plan using traditional Chinese herbs. Your veterinarian understands how your pet’s body works and can explain how alternative treatments such as massage and chiropractic can naturally reduce swelling and relieve pain. In many cases, your pet’s muscles and nervous system can be stimulated in such a way that it begins healing itself, without the need for artificial medications. Overall, however, your vet is focused on giving your pet a higher quality of life, and treatment may include conventional veterinary practices as well as alternative options.

2. Focused on a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Individual symptoms can be minimized with a variety of treatment options, but a holistic approach includes identifying and treating the root cause or source of any problems. This is very different from today’s common methods of simply treating symptoms in both humans and pets. Instead, your vet can help track your pet’s body language, as well as any changes in behavior, mood, or appearance.

In addition, it is important to schedule regular check-ups even if your pet seems healthy. We all know that preventative care is essential to catching potential illnesses early on, but it is also important to understand how minor changes in stress or tension can build up and become major problems over time.

3. Interested in Your Pet’s Mental State

Your vet does not exist solely to complain about overweight cats and prescribe flea preventatives. Holistic veterinarians are interested in your pet’s overall well-being. This includes all aspects of your pet’s health, including emotional, physical, and mental. Cats and dogs have complex emotions and are easily affected by stress, whether it is present in their own lives or merely picked up by their owners. Expect to engage in open, honest communication with your veterinarian about any stressors or changes in your pet’s life. Your veterinarian should be interested in doing everything possible to help keep your pet happy and comfortable. He or she can suggest numerous ways to help your pet adapt to new situations or deal with age- or stress-related issues.