Tips on Caring for a Senior Dog

If you own a senior dog, you likely know that they have different care needs compared to a dog a bit younger. However, it can be difficult to gauge exactly when a dog is considered a senior and what exactly you should change as far as their daily care. We will delve into both of those topics below.

What Age is Considered Senior?

If you have a larger dog, they tend to age more quickly than a smaller dog. For instance, a Chihuahua might not be considered a senior dog until the age of 10, while a Great Dane might be a senior at only seven. Of course, this all depends on nutrition, genetics, and environment as well. If your dog is considered senior, the following tips should help you keep them healthy and happy in their old age.

Regular Vet Visits

When a dog gets older, it is important to visit your veterinarians in Germantown at least once a year. Your pet will be examined to see if they are healthy. If something is wrong, the earlier it is caught, the easier it can be to treat it.

High-Quality Food

It is important that you provide your senior dogs with the proper food with the needed amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Your pet’s requirements will differ from other pets, so this is something to talk to your vet about. They can help you learn how to read a dog food label and determine the right choice for your beloved pets.

Dental Care

You should ensure that your pet’s teeth and gums are kept healthy. The best choice is to brush their teeth. However, if this is not possible with your dog, we have available non-anesthetic dental cleaning clinics several times a year at our Germantown clinic.


To keep your pet at a healthy weight, make sure that you exercise them just as you would a younger dog. However, choose exercises that fit your dog’s need. A large dog might need much more exercise and playing than a toy breed would. If your dog is not used to exercise, start off slowly and increase as needed.

Veterinarians in Germantown

Holistic Veterinary Healing offers many treatment options for senior animals like your dog. We can help you understand the nutrition needs of your pet as well as give you helpful tips about keeping them in great health. To learn more, visit our website at