The Final Farewell: Grieving Your Pet

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we are aware of the close bond that exists between you and your pet. While a few people may scoff at the grief that comes when a dog or cat reaches its final days and then passes on, our vet clinic staff does not. We know that it is natural for you to grieve.

Your Grief Is Real

It is imperative that you recognize what is happening. There is no need to deny your grief. It is all too real and requires that you recognize it for what it is. Our vet clinic does so and is there for you, particularly when it comes time to release your canine or feline from the ties to life.

Psychiatrists and those who work in vet clinics now recognize that the pattern of grief for those who have lost a pet does not differ from that which is followed when any other beloved family member dies. You will, in some fashion or another, move from denial to acceptance. Which specific stages you will follow and how long it will take, will vary. You and your pet had a distinct bond. You have your own personality. Therefore, it stands to reason that you will grieve for him or her in a fashion that matches your relationship with the pet and your personality.

Time and the Healing Process

It may sound trite to say, but there is truth in the saying that “Time heals all wounds”. You need to remember you are not alone in your grief. You may also need to be strong and share your heartache and sorrow with other members of your family, including those that have four paws. You may not be the only one missing him or her.

Sharing your grief can help. So too can other measures. At Holistic Veterinary Healing vet clinic we suggest you spend more time with the living members of your family. You may want to comfort those fur babies left behind. That being said, there are any number of ways you can memorialize your beloved companion. Consider the following:

  • Volunteering at a pet shelter
  • Fund-raising for a shelter
  • Giving a donation or establishing an annual fundraising event in the name of your pet
  • Contribute to a society or vet clinic that specializes in treating elderly animals or, if the pet died from a specific disease or health issue to one that specializes in treatment or is working on discovering a cure
  • Create a memorial to your pet e.g. plant a tree, establish a scholarship or research foundation – anything that memorializes the relationship you had with your companion animal

Talk to your Vet Clinic

At Holistic Veterinary Healing vet clinic, we encourage you to talk to us about your grief. You may also want to prepare in advance. Think of what you want to do with the remains before it actually happens. We can help inform you of your choices and can even arrange for you to get in touch with organizations that may help you decide how to best remember your pet before the inevitable happens. Call 240-715-6570.