Rise in Popularity for Holistic Veterinary Care for Dogs and Cats

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Why are more people than ever looking for holistic veterinary care? There are a variety of reasons why more pet parents than ever look for holistic veterinary care for their dogs and cats. Just like people want a holistic health approach for themselves, many veterinarians are adopting the same principles in their practice for pets. The results have been amazing for pets in terms of longevity and quality of life and there are many pet owners who are ecstatic with the results of switching to a holistic health mindset for their pet too.

Natural Methods Wherever Possible

Just like many people avoid going on medications unless necessary, many feel the same about their pets. Why put your pet on drugs if there’s a more holistic natural veterinary care method that could help with pain problems, increased mobility, and so forth? Not only are natural methods often considered safer but quite often they are more economical, too. Veterinary bills can be pricey. Where natural healing options are available in lieu of surgery or ongoing prescription use this can translate to a safer path to wellness for the pet and a less expensive route for their owner.

Even where some holistic therapies are comparable to or more expensive than the usual veterinary medicine, many pet owners prefer holistic therapies due to the fact that they are less invasive and often less of a risk to the animal’s well-being.

Alternatives to Surgery

There are now non-surgical sterilization techniques as well as anesthesia-free dentistry offered. Many people believe that saving surgery and anesthesia for when it’s really necessary is advisable. Where an alternative is available that’s just as effective as a surgical option, many pet parents want to take that route.

There are many ways to be holistic with your pet. From the food to the medicinal therapies chosen, you can use holistic medicine to treat your whole pet rather than just the symptom that’s visible. This approach to medicine isn’t new but it’s becoming more mainstream as people look for ways to improve health in a natural and organic way.
Longevity and Vitality, Naturally

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we offer a multitude of options to boost health, wellness, and longevity in your dog or cat. Talk to us about any health concerns or medical issues you have and we can offer customized advice to help you keep your pet active and vibrant for as long as possible, despite health concerns or common issues based on your pet’s breed.