Holistic Veterinarians: Using Massage For Your Pet

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Whether veterinarians are holistic in their approach or not, many support massage therapy for animals. They perceive touch as a powerful healing tool. Yet, while massage is an alternative form of treatment some veterinarians recommend, it may not necessarily be considered part of a holistic approach to veterinary medicine. In fact, there are different types of massage techniques. Some, such as Sports Massage are hands-on practices; others, such as Reiki involve little or no actual physical contact.

Tui Na Massage and Veterinarians

Tui Na massage is a specific type of massage to help your animal heal. It focuses on specific joint tissues and musculature. It often is drawn upon by those who have working dogs. While indubitably Tui Na massage – as any form of massage (including petting), does soothe the companion’s mind, its intent is to work on the physical and energy pathways. Overall, Tui Na massage is commonly used on companion animals and working animals, including horses to:

  • Prevent injury
  • As therapy
  • Restore function back into joints and damaged tissues
  • Improve performance
  • Increase endurance
  • Prevent loss of mobility of the joints

In Tui Na massage, veterinarians/therapists employ physical touch. Using their hands, they search the tissues of the animal. Once they locate any problems, they treat them accordingly. When used as an alternative form of healing, the practitioner sees Tui Na Massage as a method to remove any toxins from the system and restore balance.

Reiki and Veterinarians

During the practice of Reiki, a therapist may never even touch the body of the animal. Reiki is focused on energy. Its intent is to unplug blocked channels and release the Chi or Life Force. In doing so, it is hoped to restore the balance of the system. As a result, Reiki is not restricted to the physical. It approaches the well-being of the animal in a holistic fashion.

Reiki is about restoring harmony or balance to your pet. It is about utilizing energy to achieve physical, emotional, and mental balance within the animal. Practicing veterinarians are conduits of energy in this process. In animal Reiki, the practitioner will start at the head chakra and work slowly downwards to align all the chakras within the body. The negative energy is removed. The positive energy will flow into the body. The result is a balanced animal.

Massage is one tool that can help improve your pet’s health. Sports Massage can have a positive effect on many working or very active animals. Reiki can also be a constructive force in your pet’s life. Talk to several veterinarians about massage. See what they think about it. Do your research on the subjects as well. In the end, it will be up to you to decide whether massage is what your pet requires to keep him or her in excellent health.