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Holistic Medicine – An Alternative Pet Treatment

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Holistic treatment has long been a part of medical treatment for humans. Today, it is becoming more common for people to seek help for their pets which reflects their interest in avoiding conventional treatment. Many see holistic medicine – an alternative pet treatment, as the best way to ensure their pet is healthy and safe from disease and other medical conditions.

Defining Holistic

You often hear the term bantered about. It is used when you go to your yoga class. It appears in ads for health food products. Even your favorite dog food manufacturer may promote a “holistic” line. They are not necessarily applying the term correctly.

Holistic refers to an approach rather than a method. It is a philosophy that embraces everything that makes up your identity or entity. In other words, holistic considers all your beings Physical, Spiritual and Emotional/psychological as working together to make you a whole being. If anything occurs in one aspect, it will affect the whole. For example, if your emotions are out of kilter, it can manifest itself as a physical problem.

Holistic Medicine and Your Pet

In holistic medicine, your veterinarian will look at the big picture. He or she will consider every part of your animal’s life. An examination will include questions not only about nutrition but the animal’s mental state. A holistic vet will want to know as much about the animal’s state of mind as well as his or her physical situation.

If you decide to go with a holistic veterinarian, you are going to experience truly alternative pet treatment. Services offered to go beyond the standard physical, neutering, spaying, and other forms of conventional pet care. You will be asked to consider treatment using methods such as:

  • Acupuncture – to relieve pain and treat certain medical issues
  • Massage Therapy – to help to heal, reduce pain and create a relaxed state of mind and body
  • Homeopathy – medications for healing and health problems
  • Chiropractic – manipulation for muscle, joint and bone related problems
  • Energy healing – using energy to heal by helping to balance the animal’s “Chi” or “Ki”
  • Chinese and Western Herbalism – the use of herbs and herbal formulas to fight diseases and various illnesses

Holistic Medicine – An Alternative Pet Treatment

If you are interested in learning more about holistic medicine as an alternative pet treatment, talk to the professional staff at an animal clinic such as Holistic Veterinary Healing. They can introduce you to this type of veterinary treatment. While Holistic Veterinary Medicine does not appeal to everybody, it may be just the thing you are looking for to improve your pet’s quality of life.