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Common Qualities of Holistic Veterinarians

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

More people than ever look to holistic practitioners to treat their health issues as well as to help them stay well. It’s no surprise that many people are now looking for the same quality in veterinarians. We’ve seen an increase here at for the holistic therapies offered to pets. We also provide a variety of typical veterinarian services, although the care your pet will receive here really isn’t typical. It’s tailored to his or her needs.

Holistic health practices aim to treat the health as a whole rather than just the symptom and this can often involve changes to the lifestyle as well as preventative therapies that can help the body attain and maintain a feeling of wellness. More people than ever are looking for holistic veterinary healing for their dogs, cats, and other pets. Here are some qualities of holistic veterinarians so that you can recognize these signs as you seek out holistic veterinary care for your pet:

1. A Commitment to Ongoing Veterinary Education

Veterinarians that believe in holistic approaches to animal care are committed to continually looking at proven ways of caring both reactively and proactively to pet health problems.

2. A Variety of Integrative Medicine Services for Animals

Vets who offer a variety of integrative medicine services are committed to providing a variety of ways for your pet to get and be well. Areas could include acupuncture, aqua-puncture, herbal medicines, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling, laser therapy, non-surgical neutering, and more. Don’t be afraid to research a veterinarian’s offering to help you find the right holistic vet for your needs. Not all veterinarian offices will offer the same set of services.

3. A Desire to Help your Pet

Veterinarian offices are a business but there is a level of care and humanity needed in showing love and care to pets. You want to feel comfortable taking your pet to the vet, both for the care he or she will get as well as for the overall experience. While not every visitor will be easy for all pets you can tell a lot about a veterinarian by how he or she interacts with you and your pet. Compassion and care make a huge difference.

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