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Bad Dog Breath

Bad breath is not pleasant at any time, but when your dog has bad breath, it can be more than just unpleasant. Bad breath in dogs, just as in people, can signal a range of different health issues that veterinarian may need to treat.
The good news is that a trip to our animal hospital, either as your pet’s bi-annual or annual checkup can often find the cause of the odor problems. However, if you notice bad breath with your dog between visits, scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian can help to determine what is causing the condition and how to correct or treat the problem.

Poor Dental Care

The top cause of doggy bad breath is poor dental care. Signs of yellow to dark brown buildup on the gum line is signficant plaque deposits, which is also called tartar or calculus. Plaque and tartar contain bacteria, which contribute to bad breath as well as to tooth and gum damage and possible early tooth loss.


There are some diseases that can show up in changes to the breath. A fruity or sweetish smell to the breath can signal diabetes, while a sharp, acid, or urine-like smell to the breath may be a sign of kidney disease. When there is a liver condition, the dog is likely to have a pervasive, very foul smelling breath, typically associated with vomiting and jaundiced gums. These are serious health issues, and an immediate appointment at our animal hospital is critical to your dog’s health.

Unfortunately, sometimes what dogs find tasty is also a cause of bad breath. Eating fecal material of other animals, or eating garbage or animal remains will also cause bad breath, but this tends to be very short in duration.

Call Holistic Veterinary Healing animal hospital at 240-715-6570 and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian if you are concerned about your pooch’s bad breath.

Animal hospital

If you are a pet owner, you know that your dog or cat is part of the family. You love your pets unconditionally. You would do anything for them. When it comes to veterinary care, you need an animal hospital you can trust. Holistic Veterinary Healing can open the door to gentler treatment options that will improve your pet’s well-being. You will have a team of professionals who care about your pet like it is their own. They will treat your four-legged friends with the compassion they deserve. Most importantly, you can trust a holistic approach to treatment.

Turn to a Vet Who Looks at the Whole Pet, Not Just the Problem

When you go to a typical animal hospital near Germantown, you expect shots, X-rays, and tests as veterinarians look at the symptoms your pet has. When you choose Holistic Veterinary Healing, you’ll have a team of professionals who are looking at your pet as a whole, searching for the root cause of any of the symptoms your pet experiences. They won’t mask symptoms. They’ll try to find out why they are happening. In many cases, a change in diet may be the answer. You won’t be expected to over-medicate your pets. Your holistic team will recommend fewer vaccinations as well. They’ll look for treatment alternatives that can improve the quality of life for your pets.

Experience the Difference of Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic veterinary treatment includes a wide range of treatments to benefit your pet. Acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, the use of essential oils, herbology, and energy healing are only a few of the many options for treatment. Consider how there are so many alternatives to traditional medicine for humans. Your pets deserve to have options as well. A veterinarian who is open to holistic practices can open the door to improved health for your furry friends. Call 240-715-6570 for help at Holistic Veterinary Healing.


If you have gone to traditional veterinarians in the past, you know what to expect. Your pet is evaluated, gets shots, and is sent home. Not always satisfying. You may wonder if your pet is experiencing problems at home because of the traditional approach to treating animals. If you are ready for a change, consider Holistic Veterinary Healing.

Try a New Direction in Veterinary Treatment Options

Holistic Veterinary Healing is going to provide you with a warm, inviting atmosphere. You and your pet will be treated with compassion. If your pet is in good health, you’ll find out what you should continue to do to keep it that way. If there are problems, your veterinary team will do everything possible to find out why your pet isn’t well. They’ll look for treatment solutions that are gentle and effective.

Your Pet Won’t Just Get Another Shot

Holistic Veterinary Healing looks for creative ways to help your pet. Your pet may benefit from innovative therapies such as chiropractic adjustments or stem cell therapy. Laser therapy and acupuncture are only a few of the other options available for your pet. Nutritional guidance can also be provided to ensure your pet is getting the right kind of food to feel and look his or her best. Keep your pets active and happy when you team up with the right veterinarian near Bethesda. You need professionals who look at every aspect of your pet’s health, not just the symptoms.

Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at or call 240715-6570 which provides a wide range of holistic treatment options for pets. They give compassionate care that evaluates the pet as a whole.


Flower essences are made from the extracts of flowers, and they work with the bio-energy fields to reduce stress and heal disease. These essences help heal the underlying negative emotions by filling the patient with the opposing positive emotion. For example, love is the essence of Holly. Holly can thus be used in conditions where a lack of love is suspected, such as issues of anger and jealousy. Likewise, Rock Rose has the essence of courage and is useful for cases of fear and panic.

Dr. Edward Bach

Flower essences were invented by Dr. Edward Bach. While flower remedies were originally developed for people, flower essences are frequently used to help animals with their emotionally based behavioral issues. Fear and fear aggression, for example, are treatable with flower essence therapy. Holistic veterinarians in Frederick often use flower essences.

How Flower Remedies Help

Pet behavior issues such as litter box avoidance, chronic barking, obsessive-compulsive behavior, fighting, and separation anxiety often have an emotional aspect and can be treated with flower essences. For example, Oreo was a little tuxedo cat rescued from a shelter. Oreo spent the first two weeks in his adoptive home under the sofa, only coming out in the dead of the night to eat. After one dose of flower essence, Oreo’s new mom reported that in less than two hours Oreo came out to explore his new home.

Remember your pet can mirror your emotions, and the flower essences we may need are often appropriate for our pets too. Flower essences can be given by mouth, absorbed into the skin, or put in food or water. Just a few drops at a time are enough. If you need to increase the beneficial effects, dose more often rather than more. You can also add a dropper full of flower essence to a spray bottle filled with water and spray around the home, in your pet’s carrier, or around the litter box. Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 to assist you in finding the right flower essences for your pet.


When your pet is ill or injured, you must bring the dog or cat to a veterinarian right away. There are several signs that a pet is ill, including when the animal is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea. Alternatively, a cat or dog may faint or seem fatigued. By the time that you notice these symptoms, your beloved pet may have been sick for several hours, but dogs and cats often don’t show the signs of an illness until the condition has progressed.

Holistic Animal Treatments

Rather than using traditional medical treatments for your pets, you may prefer holistic or alternative care. This is one of the newest types of veterinarian care for animals, and it is similar to the types of care that humans receive from their holistic practitioners. Instead of using conventional medications to treat an illness, a veterinarian near Rockville may offer herbal remedies, chiropractic adjustments, or acupuncture to help a pet. If you are worried about the side effects from traditional treatments, then holistic veterinary care is an excellent option for your cat or dog.

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A pet may seem okay after an accident, but in many cases, there are internal problems that you cannot see. Dogs and cats may continue to run around or consume food, but if an organ is damaged or the intestines are torn, then the animal may not display any symptoms until it is too late. If your pet suffers a trauma, then it needs an examination from a veterinarian. Arrange an appointment with Holistic Veterinary Healing by calling 240-715-6570.

Looking for a new vet clinic to treat your furry family member is no easy task. Each clinic you visit may have different standards, philosophies, and treatment options available. Depending on your pet and your level of comfort, one vet may be a better choice than another.

When we at Holistic Veterinary Healing speak with brand new clients and see their pet for the first time, we like to provide them with as much information as possible. To ensure that they get the most out of their first visit with us, our team makes sure that the following four questions are covered:

What Kind Of Services Does Your Clinic Offer?

Most veterinary offices will offer regular checkups and basic treatment options, such as diagnostic services and traditional medicine. Some may have an in-house laboratory and digital x-ray capabilities to expedite the care of your pet.

Holistic Veterinary Healing is proud to provide a host of holistic treatment options in addition to conventional medicine, many of which may be better and more appropriate for your pet than other forms of treatment. Some of the unique services we offer to pets in the Washington, DC area include:

  • Chinese and Western herbal treatments
  • Acupuncture and aquapuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Laser therapy
  • Energy healing

What Procedures Are You Able To Perform?

The veterinarian you choose should be able to perform basic and standard procedures, such as vaccinations, spaying, and neutering. To ensure that the vet is able to provide continual care for your pet as his or her health needs change, however, a holistic vet can provide your pet with a wider range of treatments. Some of these include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Food therapy
  • UVB Ozone Therapy and Prolozone therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Surgeries
  • Non-aesthetic and aesthetic dentistry
  • Lab and x-rays

What Are The Vet Clinic’s Policies And Procedures?

This is a fairly broad question which should be covered throughout the first visit. Some of the policies and procedures you need to ask about include:

  • How emergencies are handled and what happens if my pet has an emergency. For example, does the vet provide emergency care? Where can emergency care be accessed?
  • What hours are the vet’s office open?
  • Does the clinic accept your pet insurance?
  • What payment options are available to you (For example, if you are facing a large unexpected bill, does the clinic offer payment plans?)

We do not offer after hours’ emergency care here at HVH but rather recommend the Hope Center in Rockville, MD. The other questions should be addressed at the initial consult.

May I Have A Tour Of The Facilities?

We at Holistic Veterinary Healing love to give all potential clients and their pets a tour of our facility so that they know exactly what kind of treatment their pet will receive while in our care. Before deciding on which vet clinic is best for your pet, be sure to have a look around to see where your pet will be examined and where treatments will be performed and to meet the staff who will be caring for your pet. Holistic Veterinary Healing has a very comfortable and home like feel that puts both clients and patients at ease.

Our practice, Holistic Veterinary Healing, has seen an increase in furry patients over the past few years as the demand for holistic veterinarians increases. But that does not mean that a lot of pet owners do not have a lot of questions to ask about holistic veterinary treatments. If you are exploring your options between a conventional veterinarian and one that also provides holistic care, you are likely wondering what the difference is and if one is better than the other. In this post we will answer the most common questions we receive at our clinic, starting with:

What’s The Difference Between A Holistic Veterinarian And A Conventional Veterinarian?

The main difference between conventional and holistic veterinarians is that a holistic veterinarian will view your pet as a whole rather than focus on the symptoms which he or she is experiencing. While a conventional veterinarian may treat a dog for frequent vomiting, a holistic veterinarian will dig deeper and explore not only the pet’s diet, but his or her lifestyle and social behavior, and if there have been any changes to his or her routine.

The other main difference is that holistic vets have a greater number of treatment options available to them. Apart from conventional medicine, we at Holistic Veterinary Healing also offer herbal remedies, acupuncture and aquapuncture, laser therapy, dentistry and surgery, food therapy, and UVB Ozone therapy.

Where Do You Obtain Your Herbal Remedies From?

Here at Holistic Veterinary Healing, we make use of both Chinese herbs and Western herbs. These herbs are grown under the most stringent GMP certified conditions to ensure optimal quality and safety. Most Western herbal remedies will be grown within the United States.

Do Herbal Remedies Have Side Effects?

Herbal remedies can result in negative side effects for some pets although they are far less common and much less severe than those resulting from pharmaceuticals. Some of the most common side effects your pet may experience include:

  • Loss of appetite

  • Vomiting

  • Loose stools

  • Fatigue

If your pet is displaying negative side effects, we recommend that you stop administering the treatment. Observe your pet and see if the symptoms subside within 24 hours. If the symptoms persist, we suggest that you bring your pet in to see us.

Will My Pet Insurance Cover Alternative Treatments?

This question is best left to your pet insurance company and will depend on your policy. While more and more insurance companies are covering holistic care, generally, the following services we provide are covered by almost every pet insurance policy:

  • Examinations

  • Medications and natural medicines which have a DIN number

  • Chiropractic treatments

  • Acupuncture

  • Laboratory testing

  • Surgery and dentistry

“See Part 2: What To Ask During Your First Visit To A Holistic Vet Clinic”

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Convenience Becomes A Priority

Firewalls, secure proxy services and anti-virus software are great, but often humans are the weak link in the corporate security chain. Out of a desire for convenience, employees often leave their computers on and vulnerable for anyone to walk up and access them.

Entering a long password every time a user walks back from getting coffee or from attending a meeting can be a pain. Employees often disable log-in requirements on their workstations. Trying to remember a long, complicated password that changes every quarter is too much to ask of many workers.

Authentication Solution

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Remote Network Security

As the demand for more natural and holistic healthcare services increases for human beings, this same demand is being seen for our furry family members. We at Holistic Veterinary Healing have seen a dramatic increase in the number pet owners visiting our animal hospital because they realize the benefits of holistic healthcare for their pets. In this post, we are going to share just some of the reasons why we are passionate about holistic healthcare for animals and why this type of care may be best for your pet.

All-Encompassing Treatment Plans

What makes our animal hospital different from a traditional veterinary office is that we spend a lot more time asking questions in order to gather a complete picture of your pet’s health. We go above and beyond providing a medical exam for your pet. Our veterinarians and staff will ask additional questions pertaining to:

  • Your pet’s lifestyle
  • Your pet’s behavior
  • Your pet’s diet
  • Your pet’s social habits

Just as your own doctor will ask a number of probing questions, we do as well regarding your pets so that we can provide a complete health assessment for your pet.

A Greater Selection in Treatments

We at Holistic Veterinary Healing are proud of the number of treatment options we have available to offer our clients and their pets. Our veterinarians generally offer holistic treatment plans such as the ones listed below before turning to conventional ones.

  • Acupuncture
  • Food therapy
  • Chinese and Western Herbal remedies
  • Ozone therapy
  • Ozone/UVB light therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic care

This is particularly invaluable if your pet has a long-term or chronic health issue he or she is dealing with. Extended use of many pharmaceutical medications can be permanently damaging to your pet. If you are looking for alternative solutions, we will be happy to discuss the specific needs of your pet.

Preventative Care Is Paramount

Many of the pets we see here at our animal hospital visit us only when they are hurt, sick, or are having a persistent and concerning behavioral problem. We at Holistic Veterinary Healing are in the practice of providing integrative care, which means we work to prevent anything from going awry before it happens in the first place.

Our goal is to maintain your pet’s health through the daily lifestyle choices you make for them. We strongly believe that the body knows how to care and repair itself. As much as we love caring for and treating sick and injured pets, it is also our job to make sure that the health of your pet is as strong as possible so that you do not need to bring your pet into us for additional treatment.

In today’s world, “alternative medicine” has been accepted by most human beings. Many alternative practices have been recognized as being legitimate and have even become the norm in mainstream healthcare. When it comes to our pets, however, non-traditional forms of healthcare are often not considered simply because pet owners are not familiar with these types of treatments.

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we pride ourselves on offering only the best holistic care for your pet. If you are not sure what a holistic veterinary hospital can offer your pet, we invite you to read on to learn more about this exciting and effective philosophy of treatment.

The Holistic Pet Care Philosophy

Our goal as holistic veterinarians is to stop any problems before they start. We help pet owners from all over Maryland adjust their pet’s lifestyle so that their pet can enjoy a longer and healthier life without suffering from illness and disease.

With that said, a number of pets which we see at our clinic are already suffering from various ailments and issues. When we see these pets, we take a “holistic” approach. We consider every aspect of your pet when determining what could be causing the issue and what the best form of treatment is. Apart from looking at the actual wound or pain point affecting your pet, we consider:

  • Other physical areas of your pet which may be contributing to the health problem
  • Your pet’s environment and how that can be impacting their health
  • Your pet’s emotional response to the injury and their stress level

Our veterinary hospital strives to provide treatment which is not only as minimally invasive as possible, but that is also empathetic and understanding of the unique needs of your pet.

What to Expect From Holistic Pet Care

A visit to a holistic veterinary clinic like ours will be a bit different from the traditional vet visit. We ask a number of questions regarding your pet’s behaviors and their lifestyle while also performing the physical exam. Pet owners can prepare themselves for the visit by writing down some notes regarding:

  • Your pet’s daily routine
  • What your pet eats and in what quantities
  • Notable changes in your pet’s behavior
  • Notable changes in your pet’s toileting habits or stool

Holistic pet veterinary clinics like ours here at Holistic Veterinary Healing will use this information to determine the best form of treatment for your pet. In some situations, we may opt for traditional types of treatment and remedies. However, we also have a number of alternative solutions which are often just as effective and even safer for your pet than conventional medicines. Some common treatments you can expect from a holistic vet include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal remedies
  • Nutritional therapy and guidance
  • UVB Ozone Therapy

Regardless of the type of vet you see, it is in everyone’s best interest that your pet gets well and returns to a happy and healthy state. The benefit that we see in choosing a holistic veterinary hospital like ours here at Holistic Veterinary Healing is that we provide you with more options for the treatment of your pet. To learn more, call us at 240-715-6570 for more details.