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Cancer Cure

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Patch came to us 5 months ago with collapsing episodes for an emergency. We had an Ultrasound done and found he had blood around his heart in the pericardial sac from a heart base tumor. Western medicine offers no treatment for this and gives a grave prognosis. We offered holistic options: we put Patch on the Budwig protocol of Cottage cheese and flax oil smoothies that oxygenate the mixture, Chinese herb Yunnan Bao Yao to prevent further bleeding and UVB Ozone therapy weekly which is a therapy where we take a sample of the patients blood and mix it with ozonated saline (oxygenated) and then run the mixture through a UV light to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, spirochetes and cancer cells, then we return the treated sample back to the patient IV. Cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment and dies in oxygen.

Patch also had the Blessing of Prayers from a living Buddha Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.

Dr Robert Brawer was so kind to offer his services to repeat the Ultrasound today.
He found no pericardial effusion, no tumor and a normal Heart!!!