What Is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

A holistic approach to veterinary medicine involves natural treatments that are less invasive or non-invasive when compared to traditional medicine. Therapies provided by holistic veterinarians include acupuncture, aquapuncture, food therapy, energy healing, prolotherapy, and more. Holistic Veterinary Healing is a vet clinic that serves the Bethesda area with holistic approaches to overall pet care.

How Holistic Veterinarians Help Your Pet

Rather than focus on symptom management, an integrative veterinarian will focus on whole health. Holistic practitioners look at each part of the body as imperative to the health of the whole body. When you bring your pet in, our staff will ask you questions to determine the current state of your pet’s health. Once our veterinarians understand the issues your pet’s experiencing, we will put a holistic care plan into action. Natural treatments can help treat skin problems, digestive problems, cancers, and other diseases or illnesses.

Are Medications Used in Holistic Therapy?

If you don’t want your pet to have prescription drugs, you can opt strictly for natural treatments. Some holistic practitioners believe that prescription drugs should never be a part of natural therapy, but others understand that sometimes medications are necessary to provide comfort. Our vet clinic will work in the best interest of your pet, striving to keep all treatments natural but understanding that sometimes stronger medications are necessary. If you’re looking for alternative therapies for your pet, we encourage you to stop by our Bethesda office and experience how we can help your pet.