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Many people keep a first aid kit around their house for that unexpected emergency. However, how many people have a first aid kit for their pets? While there may be some overlaps, there are some items you may want to have around just for your pet. Below is a list of things to consider putting in your pet’s first aid kit:

  • Alcohol wipes
  • Antiseptic spray or powder
  • Artificial tears
  • Benadryl (plain)
  • Clean towels/washcloths
  • Cotton balls
  • Dish soap
  • Disposable gloves
  • Elizabethan collar
  • Flashlight
  • Gauze pads
  • Ice pack
  • Oral syringe
  • Peroxide
  • Saline solution
  • Small scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Vet wrap (stretch bandage)
  • White medical tape
  • Wound Balm or OTC triple anti-biotic cream
  • Yarrow powder

The Red Cross offers a free pet first aid app (as well as many others) for pets that could put helpful information at your fingertips just when you need it most – text “GETPET” to 90999 to download the app.

You might find it helpful to familiarize yourself with potential poisonous substances. This information can be found at If you are unable to reach HVH during an emergency, know the phone number for the closest pet emergency hospital near you as well as a 24-hour poison control service like the one offered by the ASPCA (their number is (888) 426-4435. A consultation fee may apply.”).

Animal Hospital

If you live in or around the Gaithersburg area, the Holistic Veterinary Healing is just a short drive up 1-270. Many of our clients and their pets come to our veterinary hospital because we are one of the few holistic veterinary hospitals in the region.

Visiting our facility is quite different from many conventional or traditional types of vet offices. If this is your first time, here are a few tips and ideas to help you to prepare for your visit.

Book an Annual Exam

We make it easy for you to book an annual exam at our animal hospital in Gaithersburg for an older pet or a first exam for a new pet to the family. This can be done by phone, plan on spending 10 to 15 minutes with our reception team as we like to learn as much as we can about you and your pet and to give you as much information as we can to prepare you for the visit. For your convenience, we provide our intake forms through the website. The forms can be downloaded onto your computer, completed, saved, and emailed back to us. Alternatively, they can be printed, completed at home, scanned and emailed back to us so that Dr. Pema can review them before your pet’s appointment.

Completing them at home is easier than trying to remember specifics when you arrive at the animal hospital. Be as complete as possible with information, including details on your pet’s current diet, any supplements or medications the pet is on, and any known history of vaccinations and treatments.

Come with Questions

Our vet and staff will ask you questions about your pet and her environment, and we will also answer your questions. If you have specific concerns, it can be helpful to jot them down and to record behaviors or issues to ensure they are discussed at your appointment.

We take time with each of our clients, and you will never feel rushed through your appointment near Gaithersburg. For more information or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570.


There are several veterinarians and animal hospitals in Germantown and surrounding areas. All of these facilities offer quality care for your pets, but there are differences in the services and treatment options offered at the different clinics and veterinary hospital facilities in this region.

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we provide a range of services that are often difficult to find, even in much larger cities. These services set our veterinary hospital in Germantown apart from other practices in the area. As our name implies, we focus on holistic or complete pet care while also offering a full list of conventional preventative and emergency medical services for pets.

Traditional Veterinary Services Meet Holistic Care

Our vet and staff are experienced in merging and fusing traditional types of veterinary care with a holistic approach. This balance allows us to offer full treatment of the animal as opposed to just prescribing a mediation or recommending a conventional treatment method. Our goal is to maintain optimal health in your pets rather than responding to disease and health issues after they are diagnosed.

We are a preventative treatment focused clinic, providing routine vaccinations based on titer results, ensuring that animals only receive the vaccinations they require. We recommend regular health check-ups and food therapy to all our patients. We also offer state-of-the-art technology in our veterinary hospital, including a surgical suite for spay and neuter services, the revolutionary Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic dentistry service, and UVB Ozone therapy among many others.

To learn more about our approach to your pet’s health, contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570.

While we too are concerned about the potential spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we would like to assure you that we are open and we are doing what we can to limit exposure to protect our staff, our clients, and our patients.

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe by staying home if you have any symptoms, have had exposure to someone with symptoms, or have recently been overseas. If you are compromised and your pet needs to be seen by Dr. Pema, please have a family member or friend bring him/her to see us and Dr. Pema can speak with you over the phone during the exam.

Some of our new policies include:

  • For everyone’s safety, we are now offering Curb Side Service – please contact us (call or text 240-715-6570) from your car when you arrive and one of our technicians will bring your pet into the clinic for the exam. Also, let us know in advance if you need any prescriptions filled or any retail products so we can have them ready. Following the exam, the receptionist will inform you of the total and collect your payment information, for now we would like to forgo getting a signature. The technician will return your pet, any prescriptions or retail products, and your receipt to you upon completion.
  • Refilling prescriptions: when you call in for a refill we can either send it to you via USPS (we will discount our shipping fees) or we can fill it and have it available for you the next business day. If you are picking your prescription up here, we will follow the same Curb Side Service protocol and take payment over the phone and bring your items out to you.
  • For purchasing retail items, please call ahead with your list, provide your payment information, and plan to pick it up the next business day. We will follow the same Curb Side Service protocol and take payment over the phone and bring your items out to you.
  • Fewer hours: we will close at 6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and beginning March 23rd we will not have veterinary appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, someone will be answering the phones and checking emails and Dr. Pema will respond as needed.
  • Jessica, one of our receptionists who is grooming here on Tuesdays, will follow the same Curb Side Service protocols. For a grooming appointment, call her directly at 202-492-4137.

We will also be performing the recommended prevention measures, such as:

  • Any employee exhibiting symptoms of any illness will stay home
  • Increased frequency of hand washing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common area surfaces multiple times per day, including door handles
  • Diffusing Young Living Thieves essential oil.

We are doing what we can to stay healthy and strong and thus prevent contraction by eating whole foods that support our immune systems, reducing stress in our lives, and getting plenty of rest. It is our hope that you are doing the same.

Caring for our pets during this pandemic:

Currently it does not appear that COVID-19 can be spread by companion animals, per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands before and after caring for your pet.

The CDC does recommend that those who are sick with COVID-19 limit contact with their pets, other animals, and people. They recommend that you have someone else in your household care for your pets if possible. If that is not possible, wear a face mask, wash hands, and limit the amount of close contact such as petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. American Veterinary Medical Association

Thank you for continuing to entrust us with the care of you beloved family companions.

Dr. Pema Mallu

At this time, it is incumbent upon us all to practice patience and perform random acts of kindness.

Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Over time, and with research and education, pet owners and veterinarian have become more focused on preventative care for pets of all types. This includes regular vet visits, vaccinations, and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, to name just a few.

In addition, oral health and routine dental care for dogs is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. At Holistic Veterinary Healing vet clinic, we work with our pet owners to develop effective strategies for maintaining top dental hygiene in puppies and dogs of all ages.

When dogs do not have regular dental cleanings and brushing, they can develop gingivitis, plaque, and calculus, which is also known as tartar. These conditions develop in stages that are easy for veterinarian to see and identify. The four stages of periodontal disease in dogs include:

  • Stage 1- mild gingivitis and some irritation at the gums. The dog may have bad breath, and there may or may not be visible tartar on the teeth. With cleaning and ongoing oral hygiene, this can be treated and prevented from becoming worse.
  • Stage 2 – bad breath is noticeable, as are inflamed and swollen areas of the gums. There may be some buildup of calculus and plaque. Professional cleaning by veterinarian is required to correct the issue and prevent further escalation of the disease.
  • Stage 3 – this is the first stage where periodontitis is present. The gums bleed and are swollen and irritated. There is typically significant bad breath with bone loss in the jaw and pockets in the gums that cause pain. The bacteria in the mouth can spread to other organs and create serious health issues. Professional treatment at a vet clinic is required.
  • Stage 4 – chronic periodontal disease is evident. The gums are inflamed, there is frequent bleeding of the gums and significant pockets in the gums, with associated tooth loss or tooth mobility. Teeth may need to be removed and extensive reparative treatment to prevent further tooth and gum loss.

Periodontal disease can be very serious and even life-threatening for your dog. Contact us at Holistic Veterinary Healing by calling 240-715-6570 for a dental appointment for your dog today.

Bad Dog Breath

Bad breath is not pleasant at any time, but when your dog has bad breath, it can be more than just unpleasant. Bad breath in dogs, just as in people, can signal a range of different health issues that veterinarian may need to treat.
The good news is that a trip to our animal hospital, either as your pet’s bi-annual or annual checkup can often find the cause of the odor problems. However, if you notice bad breath with your dog between visits, scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian can help to determine what is causing the condition and how to correct or treat the problem.

Poor Dental Care

The top cause of doggy bad breath is poor dental care. Signs of yellow to dark brown buildup on the gum line is signficant plaque deposits, which is also called tartar or calculus. Plaque and tartar contain bacteria, which contribute to bad breath as well as to tooth and gum damage and possible early tooth loss.


There are some diseases that can show up in changes to the breath. A fruity or sweetish smell to the breath can signal diabetes, while a sharp, acid, or urine-like smell to the breath may be a sign of kidney disease. When there is a liver condition, the dog is likely to have a pervasive, very foul smelling breath, typically associated with vomiting and jaundiced gums. These are serious health issues, and an immediate appointment at our animal hospital is critical to your dog’s health.

Unfortunately, sometimes what dogs find tasty is also a cause of bad breath. Eating fecal material of other animals, or eating garbage or animal remains will also cause bad breath, but this tends to be very short in duration.

Call Holistic Veterinary Healing animal hospital at 240-715-6570 and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian if you are concerned about your pooch’s bad breath.

Pet Dental Health

Helping your dog keep his or her teeth shiny and white is part of being a responsible pet owner. veterinarian and researchers have linked poor dental health in cats and dogs several health issues, not the least of which can include early tooth loss and chronic types of pain in the mouth and gums. Dental health issues are also linked to chronic infections in the body, which can result in damage to the internal organs over time.

While you may need to bring your pet into our veterinary hospital if there are visible signs of dental health issues, such as red or bleeding gums, yellowed teeth, or issues with bad breath, a lot of the basic work on your pet’s teeth can be done at home. We recommend a visit with our veterinarian if your pet has any signs of dental problems. This allows for a complete clean to get rid of the plaque and tartar and treat any gum problems before it becomes worse.

Ideally, starting early with your puppy or kitten helps to not only keep the teeth and gums healthy, but it also makes tooth cleaning a natural part of the routine for the pet.

Getting Started

According to the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, only about one percent of all pet owners have a regular dental hygiene routine for their pets. Invest in a dog or pet toothpaste and a pet-friendly, soft-bristled toothbrush, which is available at any pet store or online. Make daily tooth brushing a part of your pet’s routine.

Start slowly and gently and provide lots of praise for the pets. If you need any assistance, bring your dog or cat into our veterinary hospital, and our veterinarian can review the process with you.

To find out more, call Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat.

Animal hospital

If you are a pet owner, you know that your dog or cat is part of the family. You love your pets unconditionally. You would do anything for them. When it comes to veterinary care, you need an animal hospital you can trust. Holistic Veterinary Healing can open the door to gentler treatment options that will improve your pet’s well-being. You will have a team of professionals who care about your pet like it is their own. They will treat your four-legged friends with the compassion they deserve. Most importantly, you can trust a holistic approach to treatment.

Turn to a Vet Who Looks at the Whole Pet, Not Just the Problem

When you go to a typical animal hospital near Germantown, you expect shots, X-rays, and tests as veterinarians look at the symptoms your pet has. When you choose Holistic Veterinary Healing, you’ll have a team of professionals who are looking at your pet as a whole, searching for the root cause of any of the symptoms your pet experiences. They won’t mask symptoms. They’ll try to find out why they are happening. In many cases, a change in diet may be the answer. You won’t be expected to over-medicate your pets. Your holistic team will recommend fewer vaccinations as well. They’ll look for treatment alternatives that can improve the quality of life for your pets.

Experience the Difference of Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic veterinary treatment includes a wide range of treatments to benefit your pet. Acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, the use of essential oils, herbology, and energy healing are only a few of the many options for treatment. Consider how there are so many alternatives to traditional medicine for humans. Your pets deserve to have options as well. A veterinarian who is open to holistic practices can open the door to improved health for your furry friends. Call 240-715-6570 for help at Holistic Veterinary Healing.


If you have gone to traditional veterinarians in the past, you know what to expect. Your pet is evaluated, gets shots, and is sent home. Not always satisfying. You may wonder if your pet is experiencing problems at home because of the traditional approach to treating animals. If you are ready for a change, consider Holistic Veterinary Healing.

Try a New Direction in Veterinary Treatment Options

Holistic Veterinary Healing is going to provide you with a warm, inviting atmosphere. You and your pet will be treated with compassion. If your pet is in good health, you’ll find out what you should continue to do to keep it that way. If there are problems, your veterinary team will do everything possible to find out why your pet isn’t well. They’ll look for treatment solutions that are gentle and effective.

Your Pet Won’t Just Get Another Shot

Holistic Veterinary Healing looks for creative ways to help your pet. Your pet may benefit from innovative therapies such as chiropractic adjustments or stem cell therapy. Laser therapy and acupuncture are only a few of the other options available for your pet. Nutritional guidance can also be provided to ensure your pet is getting the right kind of food to feel and look his or her best. Keep your pets active and happy when you team up with the right veterinarian near Bethesda. You need professionals who look at every aspect of your pet’s health, not just the symptoms.

Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at or call 240715-6570 which provides a wide range of holistic treatment options for pets. They give compassionate care that evaluates the pet as a whole.


Flower essences are made from the extracts of flowers, and they work with the bio-energy fields to reduce stress and heal disease. These essences help heal the underlying negative emotions by filling the patient with the opposing positive emotion. For example, love is the essence of Holly. Holly can thus be used in conditions where a lack of love is suspected, such as issues of anger and jealousy. Likewise, Rock Rose has the essence of courage and is useful for cases of fear and panic.

Dr. Edward Bach

Flower essences were invented by Dr. Edward Bach. While flower remedies were originally developed for people, flower essences are frequently used to help animals with their emotionally based behavioral issues. Fear and fear aggression, for example, are treatable with flower essence therapy. Holistic veterinarians in Frederick often use flower essences.

How Flower Remedies Help

Pet behavior issues such as litter box avoidance, chronic barking, obsessive-compulsive behavior, fighting, and separation anxiety often have an emotional aspect and can be treated with flower essences. For example, Oreo was a little tuxedo cat rescued from a shelter. Oreo spent the first two weeks in his adoptive home under the sofa, only coming out in the dead of the night to eat. After one dose of flower essence, Oreo’s new mom reported that in less than two hours Oreo came out to explore his new home.

Remember your pet can mirror your emotions, and the flower essences we may need are often appropriate for our pets too. Flower essences can be given by mouth, absorbed into the skin, or put in food or water. Just a few drops at a time are enough. If you need to increase the beneficial effects, dose more often rather than more. You can also add a dropper full of flower essence to a spray bottle filled with water and spray around the home, in your pet’s carrier, or around the litter box. Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 to assist you in finding the right flower essences for your pet.