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Animal Hospitals – Lead the Pack in High Tech Canine Treatment

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

When it comes to pet technology, animal hospitals lead the pack in high-tech canine treatment. They have taken a sheet from human hospitals and prepared their facilities to meet the changing and increasing demands of their patients. Where once only the basics were involved in treating animal ailments, today, animal hospitals lead the way in technological advancements for the treatment of all types of animals. Yet, it is in the handling of canine health issues that these animal clinics have proven themselves to be as advanced as any human hospital.

Shaking Off the Past

Once, it was not considered possible or even necessary to treat many canine problems. Some, like cancer, heart problems, and similar serious health problems were considered death sentences. You made the canine comfortable then arranged for them to be put to sleep. A Vet could do little else.

Today, the addition of many surgical devices has resulted in many canine problems being treated. Dogs, like their human counterparts can undergo chemotherapy. Dogs can also receive radiation therapy at a number of animal hospitals or teaching clinics across the country. Specialized technology can now remove tumors with the delicacy of peeling an orange e.g. Photodynamic Therapy.

Even common operations such as spaying and neutering are benefiting from modern technological advances. While dissolving stitches are now common practice, newer approaches are being tested. Among them is non-surgical sterilization. This would be another breakthrough that would result in more spaying and neutering since some owners worry about their dog going under for the length of time it takes to perform the procedure. The latest laser and surgical treatments can make all types of surgery easier, more efficient, and less stressful. They can also help speed up the healing process by being less invasive.

In step with the use of specialized technology for treating diseases and other health problems, is the application of technology for helping detect the problems in your canine. The amount of new technology currently available for checking out the health of your dog is truly impressive. While the traditional methods of touch and listening through a stethoscope are still important tools, it is also possible to run tests and utilize equipment that will help detect potential problems. Among the latest pieces of equipment are:

  • CAT Scan: Provides a 3D and cross sectional image of the desired body parts in order to determine the presence of any harmful growth or other problem
  • MRI: Your vet can now use imagining technology to help detect potential health problems such as tumors in the brain or have a clearer picture than an X-ray can provide of the tissues and muscles that make up your heart and brain

Coming a Long Way

Veterinarian medicine and the technology that is currently used have advanced steadily since it became a profession. Canines can now enjoy the benefits of improved detection and prevention. Today, the implementation and application of modern technology have made it so much easier for animal hospitals and their staff to provide the best treatment possible for your canine. In doing so, they have made life much better for the dogs they treat and the people who love and care for them.