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If you are a pet owner, you know that your dog or cat is part of the family. You love your pets unconditionally. You would do anything for them. When it comes to veterinary care, you need an animal hospital you can trust. Holistic Veterinary Healing can open the door to gentler treatment options that will improve your pet’s well-being. You will have a team of professionals who care about your pet like it is their own. They will treat your four-legged friends with the compassion they deserve. Most importantly, you can trust a holistic approach to treatment.

Turn to a Vet Who Looks at the Whole Pet, Not Just the Problem

When you go to a typical animal hospital near Germantown, you expect shots, X-rays, and tests as veterinarians look at the symptoms your pet has. When you choose Holistic Veterinary Healing, you’ll have a team of professionals who are looking at your pet as a whole, searching for the root cause of any of the symptoms your pet experiences. They won’t mask symptoms. They’ll try to find out why they are happening. In many cases, a change in diet may be the answer. You won’t be expected to over-medicate your pets. Your holistic team will recommend fewer vaccinations as well. They’ll look for treatment alternatives that can improve the quality of life for your pets.

Experience the Difference of Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic veterinary treatment includes a wide range of treatments to benefit your pet. Acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, the use of essential oils, herbology, and energy healing are only a few of the many options for treatment. Consider how there are so many alternatives to traditional medicine for humans. Your pets deserve to have options as well. A veterinarian who is open to holistic practices can open the door to improved health for your furry friends. Call 240-715-6570 for help at Holistic Veterinary Healing.


If you have gone to traditional veterinarians in the past, you know what to expect. Your pet is evaluated, gets shots, and is sent home. Not always satisfying. You may wonder if your pet is experiencing problems at home because of the traditional approach to treating animals. If you are ready for a change, consider Holistic Veterinary Healing.

Try a New Direction in Veterinary Treatment Options

Holistic Veterinary Healing is going to provide you with a warm, inviting atmosphere. You and your pet will be treated with compassion. If your pet is in good health, you’ll find out what you should continue to do to keep it that way. If there are problems, your veterinary team will do everything possible to find out why your pet isn’t well. They’ll look for treatment solutions that are gentle and effective.

Your Pet Won’t Just Get Another Shot

Holistic Veterinary Healing looks for creative ways to help your pet. Your pet may benefit from innovative therapies such as chiropractic adjustments or stem cell therapy. Laser therapy and acupuncture are only a few of the other options available for your pet. Nutritional guidance can also be provided to ensure your pet is getting the right kind of food to feel and look his or her best. Keep your pets active and happy when you team up with the right veterinarian near Bethesda. You need professionals who look at every aspect of your pet’s health, not just the symptoms.

Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at Holisticveterinaryhealing.com or call 240715-6570 which provides a wide range of holistic treatment options for pets. They give compassionate care that evaluates the pet as a whole.

Pet parents sometimes feed pets cheap foods (or what they can afford to buy.) Veterinarians near Frederick are often asked if pets can eat human food. Humans eat a well-balanced diet, so pets would be getting the same nutrition. Isn’t that a good thing?

Remember that cats and dogs are carnivores or meat eaters. While veggies make a great addition to your dogs meal, grains aren’t good for pets at all. Fats from meats make them obese. So, can pets eat dinner with you?

Which Human Foods Are Good To Feed Pets

Pets have eaten what humans couldn’t finish at dinner since time began. Commercially made pet foods were introduced in the 1930’s and pets suddenly had to adjust their digestive systems to a different kind of food.

However, sometimes pet foods, as well as human foods, are recalled due to toxins. Pet parents who want to make their pet’s food at home to avoid this should know what is and isn’t good for pets to eat:


Always steam or boil the foods without spices or herbs. These are toxic to your pet. They can have broccoli, green beans, asparagus, celery, carrots, peas, winter squash, and greens. Add perhaps one quarter of a cup to the pet dinner.


Animals in the wild eat primarily meat so your pet can have one quarter cup of salmon, chicken, pork, and turkey. There are also companies that provide less traditional meat sources if your pet is unable to digest these.

Fruits and Dairy

Pets are allowed eggs, goat’s milk or cheese, and fermented Kefir or kefir cheese. Permissible fruits include bananas, cantaloupe, pumpkin, blueberries, and apples. Veterinarians near Frederick recommend cutting them into small, chewable pieces so they won’t get stuck in the pet’s throat.

If you’d prefer to make your pets’ food yourself, please contact Holistic Veterinary Healing to learn more about it at holvethealing@gmail.com.

It is important that you have the right care for your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat, finding the right veterinarian who provides compassionate care and offers well-checks and comprehensive services can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is healthy and well cared for. Of course, if you do not have a vet yet, you will need to choose. This short guide will help you choose between veterinarians in Gaithersburg.

Conventional and Holistic

First, pay attention to the treatment options offered by the veterinarians you are considering. For instance, you will find that most vets offer conventional treatments (medical and pharmaceutical options), but what about holistic care? Your pet can benefit greatly from a holistic approach to whole body health that does not rely strictly on prescribing pharmaceuticals for everything.

Professional Staff

When comparing veterinarians in Gaithersburg, you need to think about the staff at each location. After all, you’ll likely work with the techs as much as you work with the veterinarian. Are they personable? Are they professional? Do they show compassion and love for the animals?

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we believe in taking a whole-body approach to your pet’s health. We also believe that compassionate care should be the rule for all pets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we invite you to learn how we can support your pet’s health and happiness. Contact us today by calling our office at 240-715-6570.

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