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Flower essences are made from the extracts of flowers, and they work with the bio-energy fields to reduce stress and heal disease. These essences help heal the underlying negative emotions by filling the patient with the opposing positive emotion. For example, love is the essence of Holly. Holly can thus be used in conditions where a lack of love is suspected, such as issues of anger and jealousy. Likewise, Rock Rose has the essence of courage and is useful for cases of fear and panic.

Dr. Edward Bach

Flower essences were invented by Dr. Edward Bach. While flower remedies were originally developed for people, flower essences are frequently used to help animals with their emotionally based behavioral issues. Fear and fear aggression, for example, are treatable with flower essence therapy. Holistic veterinarians in Frederick often use flower essences.

How Flower Remedies Help

Pet behavior issues such as litter box avoidance, chronic barking, obsessive-compulsive behavior, fighting, and separation anxiety often have an emotional aspect and can be treated with flower essences. For example, Oreo was a little tuxedo cat rescued from a shelter. Oreo spent the first two weeks in his adoptive home under the sofa, only coming out in the dead of the night to eat. After one dose of flower essence, Oreo’s new mom reported that in less than two hours Oreo came out to explore his new home.

Remember your pet can mirror your emotions, and the flower essences we may need are often appropriate for our pets too. Flower essences can be given by mouth, absorbed into the skin, or put in food or water. Just a few drops at a time are enough. If you need to increase the beneficial effects, dose more often rather than more. You can also add a dropper full of flower essence to a spray bottle filled with water and spray around the home, in your pet’s carrier, or around the litter box. Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 to assist you in finding the right flower essences for your pet.


When your pet is ill or injured, you must bring the dog or cat to a veterinarian right away. There are several signs that a pet is ill, including when the animal is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea. Alternatively, a cat or dog may faint or seem fatigued. By the time that you notice these symptoms, your beloved pet may have been sick for several hours, but dogs and cats often don’t show the signs of an illness until the condition has progressed.

Holistic Animal Treatments

Rather than using traditional medical treatments for your pets, you may prefer holistic or alternative care. This is one of the newest types of veterinarian care for animals, and it is similar to the types of care that humans receive from their holistic practitioners. Instead of using conventional medications to treat an illness, a veterinarian near Rockville may offer herbal remedies, chiropractic adjustments, or acupuncture to help a pet. If you are worried about the side effects from traditional treatments, then holistic veterinary care is an excellent option for your cat or dog.

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A pet may seem okay after an accident, but in many cases, there are internal problems that you cannot see. Dogs and cats may continue to run around or consume food, but if an organ is damaged or the intestines are torn, then the animal may not display any symptoms until it is too late. If your pet suffers a trauma, then it needs an examination from a veterinarian. Arrange an appointment with Holistic Veterinary Healing by calling 240-715-6570.

Do you find that you get confused when your vet talks about your cat or dog? Do you find yourself too anxious to ask questions, worried you’ll sound stupid? That’s okay because we’re going to share with you some of the common vet terms and what they actually mean. Let’s go!


An abscess is a collection of pus that builds up under the skin. It is typically in an area where your pet has a wound. The pus builds up because of the infection that exists because of bacteria getting into the wound.


You may have heard the word benign used to mean that someone does not have cancer. However, this isn’t the literal meaning of the term. A benign growth is simply a mild illness that will respond to treatment and grow more slowly than a malignant growth.

Blood Work

When the person at your vet clinic says that they need to do blood work, what they mean is they are going to take a sample of blood to diagnose what is causing your pet to be ill.


When you hear the term cryptorchid, it means that your dog has a testicle that is undescended. It is a genetic trait and often means the dog should not breed. Most vets recommend neutering, but it may be more expensive than a traditional procedure.


Hyper is a prefix used for illnesses such as hyperthyroid or hypertension. The prefix means an excess or above the normal range. That means your dog, if he has hypertension, has higher blood pressure than they should.


The opposite prefix to hyper is hypo, and it means having too little of something. So if your dog has hypotension, in that case it means that their blood pressure is too low.


Unlike the benign tumor or growth mentioned above, a malignant growth is one that is severe, resistant to any treatment, and often fatal. It’s a word often associated with cancers, but that is not the entirety of what it means.


When the staff from your favorite vet clinic mention titer, they are referring to the number of antibodies in your pet’s blood. Sometimes, this team can be used to refer to how much antigen is in a vaccine. If your doggie daycare asks if your dog has recently had a titer, now you know what to answer.

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