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Pets do not get sick out of the blue. In most cases, there are plenty of signs along the way. If you see any of the following signs, then it is time to bring your dog or cat to a vet clinic.

Changes in appetite

If your dog typically eats a lot and he is now skipping meals, that is a bad sign, the Health line says. It could be nothing but a reaction to the heat outside. But if two meals are refused and your dog’s eating habits show no signs of any change, then contact your vet.


If your pet starts drinking a lot more water than they used to, that could be a red flag. It could be a sign of kidney diseases or diabetes. Of course, if your cat or dog eats wet food, then s/he will likely drink less water than those who are on a dry food diet.

Hiding out

If your pet keeps hiding, lurking in dark corners, or burrows in holes, that’s another thing to watch out for. It could be that your pet is sick or he’s suffering from severe stress. Either way, it’s bad news. Get to the bottom of the issue by bringing your pet to the vet right away.

Sudden aggression

If your pet is suddenly quite aggressive, springing up on you, scratching you, or hissing at you, he might not be acting out. Find out what is behind the negative behavior before you punish him/her. Make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Urinating too many times

If your pet urinates more than six times a day or if s/he tries to urinate and cannot, follow up with your vet to determine the cause of the problem. It could be a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or even kidney disease. Getting on time treatment, especially in these cases, is a must. Before the condition worsens, you’ll want your pet to get the best possible care.

Eye problems

Does your pet have red eyes? Is there any secretion from his eyes? Those could be symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection. Do not dismiss those signs. Get help if you think your pet is sick. To know more, contact the Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 and set an appointment today.

As a pet “parent,” it’s only natural to be concerned about your pet’s health and safety. Having a regular vet will ensure your pet gets the care he needs. A good vet and vet clinic can save your pet’s life in an emergency. By visiting a vet regularly, your pet can reap the following benefits.

Early Detection of Disease

If your dog or cat is in the early stages of a disease, it will show up in their regular checkup so they can start treatment right away. Early diagnosis and treatment of a disease can prevent unnecessary pain and suffering and help your pet recover quicker.

Preventative Health Care

Most vet clinics offer preventative health care plans for pets in their care. This plan can help your pet stay healthy longer. These visits provide an opportunity for you to discuss pet care issues such as diet, exercise, vaccinations, medications, etc. with your vet to stay on top of your pet’s care.

Bad Behavior

If your dog or cat is displaying bad behavior, your vet may be able to help by assessing your pet’s mental and emotional state. A good vet will care for every aspect of your pet to include his mental, emotional and physical state.

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets can greatly benefit from what a vet clinic has to offer in the way of pet care. Older dogs and cats are more susceptible to illness, accidents, and loss of cognitive function. At a vet clinic, your senior pet can receive the comprehensive care he needs to improve his quality of life in his senior years.

When you have a pet, regular vet checkups should be a priority. At Holistic Veterinary Healing, you can expect the best of holistic care for your canine or feline companion. Contact us today at 240-715-6570 for help with all your pet care needs.

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