Stem Cell Therapy


Regenerative medicine is here for pets. We offer stem cell therapy for many conditions: Degenerative osteoarthritis of any joint, elbow dysplasia, OCD, torn ACL, meniscal injury, hip dysplasia, and fractures. It is being studied for Kidney and liver disease and IBD. It is contraindicated with cancer.

We use autologous (self) adipose (fat) tissue as the source of the stem cells. Day one the patient is anesthetized and a small incision is made on the belly to collect a small amount of belly fat. This fat is then shipped overnight to a lab in CA where the stem cells are harvested from the fat and shipped back same day. The third day we receive the stem cells and sedate the patient to inject the stem cells into the appropriate site.

After injection, the stem cells will begin to regenerate and decrease inflammation and form new cartilage in a joint or repair a tendon or ligament or fracture. The lab will save and bank the patient’s stem cells for a year for free. Occasionally, the stem cell injections may need to be repeated.

Is your pet suffering from very serious joint pain issues? Are you looking for ways to help them, which are still safe? One option is Germantown stem cell therapy services for pets. By using this cutting edge procedure, your pet will enjoy full functioning joints and tissues no matter their age. If you live in the following areas, then we can help!

How does stem cell therapy work for pets?

Stem cell therapy uses healthy cells from unaffected areas to address troublesome areas on your pets. In order for our professionals to complete stem cell therapy, stem cells are harvested from the pets’ own fat tissue. It is then injected in the troublesome areas to help solve the issues that are causing discomfort in your pet.

What issues does stem cell therapy solve?

While stem cell therapy can be used for various applications, the application with best use is serious joint disease issues. The new stem cells act as catalysts to help heal many of the serious issues associated with joint disease. You will be able to see results quickly when using stem cell therapy, as it is one of the leading procedures for the most severe issues.

Why should you choose a professional?

While stem cell therapy is very effective, it can also be a very delicate procedure to perform. As such, it is important to rely on a professional service to perform the therapy in order to guarantee the safety of your pet.