Preparing for Emergency Pet Care

Among those who have pets, most have experienced an emergency and needed immediate treatment at one time or another. There are various options for emergency care, both at emergency clinics and traditional veterinary offices. Some are open only during late nights, holidays, and weekends. Before you need attention, make sure you have a veterinary hospital in mind for these situations.

Preparing for Emergency Care

Pet owners who have undergone emergencies with their pets recommend that you know a clinic that offers emergency care long before they are needed. Emergencies can happen on any day and at any time, so you can’t prepare for them in many cases. However, knowing what your options are is a good start to getting quality care whenever it is needed. You should know how to get to the veterinary hospital and have phone numbers for poison control and your regular vet.

Signs Your Pet Needs Immediate Care

There are many situations that may lead to your pet needing emergency care. Heatstroke, poisoning, insect stings, and choking are only some of the circumstances. Below are a few of the signs that you should visit a professional as soon as possible:

  • Quick breathing
  • Pale gums
  • Rapid or weak pulse
  • Trouble standing
  • Paralysis
  • Change in temperature
  • Seizure
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Extreme bleeding

What to Do First

When your pet is hugely injured, they might begin to act more aggressively than usual. This means you need to be sure to protect yourself in order to bring your pet in for care. Whether you have a cat or a dog will affect the steps you may want to take next.

Cats – If your pet is a cat, use a towel or blanket over the heat to avoid being bitten. Slowly lift your cat and move it into a box or carrier. Do what you can to prevent any twisting of the neck, which can exacerbate any injuries to the spine.

Dogs – First approach the dog calmly and slowly, then kneel and speak to it. If there is a show of aggression, request help if possible. If not, make a stretcher out of whatever you have nearby and lift the dog onto it. Be careful with the back and neck in case of spinal problems.

Emergency Care When You Need It

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