Popular Herbal Treatments for Pets

Are you looking for a full-service veterinary hospital that also offers holistic treatments? At Holistic Veterinary Healing, our goal is to provide you with effective healthcare options that are based on natural therapies and remedies. Keep reading to find out more about popular herbal treatments that are available at our clinic.

Ancient Chinese Remedies

It is no secret that Chinese formulas have helped to cure physical ailments for centuries. Whether you are dealing with a short-term condition or a chronic disease, these mixtures are made from gentle herbs and roots that treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. In addition, we work with legitimate producers to guarantee that the ingredients in each formula are safe to administer to your pet.

Homeopathic Formulas

Another option for pet owners who are concerned about prescription medications is homeopathy. This type of remedy utilizes the initial cause of sickness to create a cure that works with your pet’s body to facilitate healing. For instance, a skin rash that appears after touching a poisonous plant can be treated with a homeopathic tincture that contains leaves from the same plant. In a way, it is like developing a flu vaccination by isolating the bacteria at the root of the virus.

Neoplasene Therapies

For those who are dealing with skin tumors or cancerous cells, neoplasene therapy can be administered according to the needs of your pet. This unique combination of alkaloid herbs avoids healthy tissues and attacks mutated cancer cells instead. Whether you choose to use it topically or orally, you can also incorporate surgical treatment for maximum results. This stimulates a natural healing response without the help of medications or anti-inflammatories.

In the end, we promise to give you more treatment options that are designed for the safety and comfort of your pet. If you want to see why so many pet owners are turning to herbal remedies, schedule an appointment at our holistic veterinary hospital today.