February Is National Pet Dental Health Month: Clean Those Teeth!

Pet Dental Health

Helping your dog keep his or her teeth shiny and white is part of being a responsible pet owner. veterinarian and researchers have linked poor dental health in cats and dogs several health issues, not the least of which can include early tooth loss and chronic types of pain in the mouth and gums. Dental health issues are also linked to chronic infections in the body, which can result in damage to the internal organs over time.

While you may need to bring your pet into our veterinary hospital if there are visible signs of dental health issues, such as red or bleeding gums, yellowed teeth, or issues with bad breath, a lot of the basic work on your pet’s teeth can be done at home. We recommend a visit with our veterinarian if your pet has any signs of dental problems. This allows for a complete clean to get rid of the plaque and tartar and treat any gum problems before it becomes worse.

Ideally, starting early with your puppy or kitten helps to not only keep the teeth and gums healthy, but it also makes tooth cleaning a natural part of the routine for the pet.

Getting Started

According to the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, only about one percent of all pet owners have a regular dental hygiene routine for their pets. Invest in a dog or pet toothpaste and a pet-friendly, soft-bristled toothbrush, which is available at any pet store or online. Make daily tooth brushing a part of your pet’s routine.

Start slowly and gently and provide lots of praise for the pets. If you need any assistance, bring your dog or cat into our veterinary hospital, and our veterinarian can review the process with you.

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