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There are several veterinarians and animal hospitals in Germantown and surrounding areas. All of these facilities offer quality care for your pets, but there are differences in the services and treatment options offered at the different clinics and veterinary hospital facilities in this region.

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we provide a range of services that are often difficult to find, even in much larger cities. These services set our veterinary hospital in Germantown apart from other practices in the area. As our name implies, we focus on holistic or complete pet care while also offering a full list of conventional preventative and emergency medical services for pets.

Traditional Veterinary Services Meet Holistic Care

Our vet and staff are experienced in merging and fusing traditional types of veterinary care with a holistic approach. This balance allows us to offer full treatment of the animal as opposed to just prescribing a mediation or recommending a conventional treatment method. Our goal is to maintain optimal health in your pets rather than responding to disease and health issues after they are diagnosed.

We are a preventative treatment focused clinic, providing routine vaccinations based on titer results, ensuring that animals only receive the vaccinations they require. We recommend regular health check-ups and food therapy to all our patients. We also offer state-of-the-art technology in our veterinary hospital, including a surgical suite for spay and neuter services, the revolutionary Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic dentistry service, and UVB Ozone therapy among many others.

To learn more about our approach to your pet’s health, contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570.

Whether you are choosing your first veterinarian for a new cat in your home or are in search of a replacement vet after a move, it’s important you choose one that is skilled and experienced. While any pet should be licensed and competent, there are other things to consider when selecting the right veterinary hospital for your cat.

Appreciation for Cats

Every vet is going to be well-versed in treating and examining cats, but not every single veterinarian has a preference for felines. Before you go in for an appointment at a new clinic, make a call to the receptionist and see if any of the vets available prefer working with cats. This isn’t a deal-breaker, per se, but it may have an impact on the rapport between your cat and the veterinarian.

Handling of Your Pet

When you bring your pet into the veterinary hospital, make sure to watch how your vet does the physical exam. Notice the way the person speaks to your pet. Pay attention to the way in which the pet is held when procedures are done. You may notice that your vet feels comfortable with your pet, which is a good thing. If the opposite is true, this can be a red flag.

Cat’s Reaction to the Vet

In addition to watching how your vet handles the cat, you’ll want to determine how the cat handles the vet. While most cats don’t enjoy seeing the vet, you likely have an awareness of how your cat usually acts. You can get an idea of how they are handling the care of the new vet and whether it’s positive or negative.

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You want to have a vet that communicates with you, in addition to doing well with your pet. Some vets have better verbal skills than others. If you find that you are not comfortable speaking with the vet, it may mean you need to choose another professional to care for your cat.

Listening Skills

While explaining things about your pet’s age, health concerns, nutrition, and vaccination history, a great vet is going to keep you engaged as you communicate. While the vet may offer advice or recommendations, they won’t be overbearing while doing so. Instead, this person should act as a partner to keep your feline healthy.

Feline Care Nearby

At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we offer services for many felines and their owners. We’d be happy to meet you and your pet for a tour of the facility. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit