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While we too are concerned about the potential spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we would like to assure you that we are open and we are doing what we can to limit exposure to protect our staff, our clients, and our patients.

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe by staying home if you have any symptoms, have had exposure to someone with symptoms, or have recently been overseas. If you are compromised and your pet needs to be seen by Dr. Pema, please have a family member or friend bring him/her to see us and Dr. Pema can speak with you over the phone during the exam.

Some of our new policies include:

  • For everyone’s safety, we are now offering Curb Side Service – please contact us (call or text 240-715-6570) from your car when you arrive and one of our technicians will bring your pet into the clinic for the exam. Also, let us know in advance if you need any prescriptions filled or any retail products so we can have them ready. Following the exam, the receptionist will inform you of the total and collect your payment information, for now we would like to forgo getting a signature. The technician will return your pet, any prescriptions or retail products, and your receipt to you upon completion.
  • Refilling prescriptions: when you call in for a refill we can either send it to you via USPS (we will discount our shipping fees) or we can fill it and have it available for you the next business day. If you are picking your prescription up here, we will follow the same Curb Side Service protocol and take payment over the phone and bring your items out to you.
  • For purchasing retail items, please call ahead with your list, provide your payment information, and plan to pick it up the next business day. We will follow the same Curb Side Service protocol and take payment over the phone and bring your items out to you.
  • Fewer hours: we will close at 6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and beginning March 23rd we will not have veterinary appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, someone will be answering the phones and checking emails and Dr. Pema will respond as needed.
  • Jessica, one of our receptionists who is grooming here on Tuesdays, will follow the same Curb Side Service protocols. For a grooming appointment, call her directly at 202-492-4137.

We will also be performing the recommended prevention measures, such as:

  • Any employee exhibiting symptoms of any illness will stay home
  • Increased frequency of hand washing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common area surfaces multiple times per day, including door handles
  • Diffusing Young Living Thieves essential oil.

We are doing what we can to stay healthy and strong and thus prevent contraction by eating whole foods that support our immune systems, reducing stress in our lives, and getting plenty of rest. It is our hope that you are doing the same.

Caring for our pets during this pandemic:

Currently it does not appear that COVID-19 can be spread by companion animals, per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands before and after caring for your pet.

The CDC does recommend that those who are sick with COVID-19 limit contact with their pets, other animals, and people. They recommend that you have someone else in your household care for your pets if possible. If that is not possible, wear a face mask, wash hands, and limit the amount of close contact such as petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. American Veterinary Medical Association

Thank you for continuing to entrust us with the care of you beloved family companions.

Dr. Pema Mallu

At this time, it is incumbent upon us all to practice patience and perform random acts of kindness.

Avid animal lovers now have a new option in vet care that has everybody abuzz. Pet owners in the area can now choose a veterinary practice that offers reputable holistic treatments and alternative therapies. This has been a growing trend for people in the western world over the past several years. More pet owners are now wanting the same gentle and personalized care for their loyal pets as well. Individuals interested in this service should take the time to discover all of the amazing specialized treatments available at a local veterinary hospital Columbia, MD inhabitants are currently raving about.

Just like the holistic care available for human patients, our pets can now get these specialized treatments that include acupuncture, food therapy, aroma therapy, essential oils, energy healing, chiropractic adjustments, PRP therapy, UVB ozone therapy, and stem cell therapy among many others. Now, area pet owners can ensure that their pets are getting the best care possible in a gentle manner that seeks to address their whole bodies and not simply treat random symptoms. A revolutionary veterinary hospital near Columbia MD has a veterinarian with decades of experience and other expert vet staff are waiting to take your call. Learn more about their exciting new vet services that includes natural based homeopathy and herbology.

This full-service veterinary clinic contains a cutting-edge lab and X-ray services. The doctor and staff can provide surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals, gentle dental treatments, and more for your loyal pets. Pet owners will also find natural pet foods and supplies at this respected veterinary hospital Columbia, MD residents can easily find in a convenient and nearby location. Your pet deserves the best, and this holistic based veterinary care practice strives to treat and serve all your pet’s needs while providing many supportive pet care services to owners too. Contact Holistic Veterinary Healing at

Pet parents sometimes feed pets cheap foods (or what they can afford to buy.) Veterinarians near Frederick are often asked if pets can eat human food. Humans eat a well-balanced diet, so pets would be getting the same nutrition. Isn’t that a good thing?

Remember that cats and dogs are carnivores or meat eaters. While veggies make a great addition to your dogs meal, grains aren’t good for pets at all. Fats from meats make them obese. So, can pets eat dinner with you?

Which Human Foods Are Good To Feed Pets

Pets have eaten what humans couldn’t finish at dinner since time began. Commercially made pet foods were introduced in the 1930’s and pets suddenly had to adjust their digestive systems to a different kind of food.

However, sometimes pet foods, as well as human foods, are recalled due to toxins. Pet parents who want to make their pet’s food at home to avoid this should know what is and isn’t good for pets to eat:


Always steam or boil the foods without spices or herbs. These are toxic to your pet. They can have broccoli, green beans, asparagus, celery, carrots, peas, winter squash, and greens. Add perhaps one quarter of a cup to the pet dinner.


Animals in the wild eat primarily meat so your pet can have one quarter cup of salmon, chicken, pork, and turkey. There are also companies that provide less traditional meat sources if your pet is unable to digest these.

Fruits and Dairy

Pets are allowed eggs, goat’s milk or cheese, and fermented Kefir or kefir cheese. Permissible fruits include bananas, cantaloupe, pumpkin, blueberries, and apples. Veterinarians near Frederick recommend cutting them into small, chewable pieces so they won’t get stuck in the pet’s throat.

If you’d prefer to make your pets’ food yourself, please contact Holistic Veterinary Healing to learn more about it at

You probably love your pet a lot. It’s also likely that you consider your furry friend as part of the family. Due to this, you take special care to make sure your pet gets the best medical care. Yet, sometimes it can be hard to find out which veterinary hospital to use. There are so many different veterinarians in any given area. Here are some tips to help you find out which animal hospital is best for you and your pet. Consider the following when choosing a new veterinary hospital:

Are There Recommendations?

Just like anything else, the best way to find a new hospital is to ask around. See if any of your family, friends or co-workers have suggestions. Someone is bound to have experienced with a local veterinarian. Their advice can be a big help in choosing the right vet for you. You can also check online reviews to see if there is any information about a particular animal hospital in or near Bethesda. Advice from others is often the best tool when selecting veterinary hospital.

Get to Know the Vet

You don’t have to sign up with a hospital without getting to know the staff. You are perfectly free to schedule a tour beforehand to know what you are getting in to. Any hospital that is worth it will be glad to honor your request. You should also take your pet during this visit to see how s/he reacts to the atmosphere and the staff. If your pet seems happy, it’s likely you will be too!

Do You Need a Special Doctor?

You should also find out if there are specialists practicing at an animal hospital near Bethesda. If your animal has a unique condition, he or she may need the help of a specialist. Certain veterinarians work with rare conditions. You’ll need a doctor who uses multiple modalities if your pet ever needs special help. Check out the hospital to determine if this type of assistance is available.

For more information, see Learn more about the treatments available for your pet.

A lot of pet owners think it is hard to tell when their pet is feeling under the weather. That is not exactly right, though. While your pet may not be able to tell you directly what is wrong, there are usually a ton of signs along the way that tell you if you need to bring your pet to an animal hospital right away.

Breathing problems

Is your cat or dog having breathing difficulties? That is a sign that there is something wrong, the Pet Health Network says. Don’t wait it out. Bring your pet over to a pet hospital as soon as possible.

Little to no movement

If your cat is not moving, s/he may be bored. That is usual behavior for a cat. However, if the animal has not been moving much all day and if your pet has always been active, that is a red flag. Get your pet to the vet to know more about his/her condition, what treatment options are possible, and what you can expect should you go ahead with a specific treatment.


If your pet starts to suffer from constipation or diarrhea, your cat may have intestinal parasites or an underlying condition. The only way to know is to have your feline friend treated. Look for a reputable veterinary practice in your area. Check out the credentials of the staff and vet before you bring your cat over for a checkup. Knowing you’ve picked a trustworthy facility for treatment will put your mind at ease.

Little to too much appetite

Changes in your pet’s appetite can also be indicative of health problems. If your pet seems to have poor to little appetite or starts eating too much, that could easily mean an underlying condition. Find out if that is the case by bringing your pet to an animal hospital that you trust.

Aggressive behavior

If your pet has always been sweet and affectionate, dealing with aggressive behavior can completely throw you for a loop. But if your pet is in pain, that could be why he’s lashing out. Get to the bottom of things by bringing your cat to a vet.


If your pet keeps whining or seems to be vocal at displaying his displeasure, that could also indicate health issues.

Know the signs that your pet is feeling under the weather. Ask us at the Holistic Veterinary Healing for more information. 240-715-6570.

Going to the vet can be a mammoth ordeal, especially if you have a surly cat or a big dog who associates trips to the vet with shots, getting neutered, and other bad things. Here are a few helpful tips to make trips to the vet less stressful for your pets.

Do it when nothing is wrong

If you keep bringing your pets to the vet only when they are sick, then they will associate the vet with pain. At Holistic Veterinary Healing, you can stop by to say hello, hang out in the reception area, get a treat, and visit with the vet if she’s free. That’s going to help reduce your pet’s dread about future trips.

Prepare your pet

A lot of the anxiety or stress for your pet is being handled by a stranger, the Better Homes and Gardens says. That is why you would want to prepare your pet. Stroke her in less obvious places like the pads of her feet or around her tail. That’s going to help train your pet to be prepared for a vet’s exam.

Get him treats

Make your pet feel at home at the vet by bringing along his favorite blanket and giving him treats. These things will comfort your pet so he is less likely to come home shell-shocked and traumatized for life, no matter how much he whines or looks at you with a baleful stare later.

Do your homework

When you look for pet care, do not just pick the first animal hospital you find. Do a bit of research and look for qualified veterinarians in Germantown. That is a good first step to finding the right doctor for your pet.

Pay a visit

Make an appointment for a consultation. Bring your pet along. See how he reacts to the vet. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to observe how the vet interacts with your pet as well as the other patients in the facility. Do you like what you see? That’s something you will want to consider.

Check the hours

Look for veterinarians in Germantown whose office hours work with your schedule. Veterinary practices that are open on weekends make a wonderful option for many pet owners. Holistic Veterinary Healing is open Sat 10-4:15PM. Our doctor checks emails and phone messages after hours every day. Accidents can happen at any time. If your pet has a medical emergency, you will want to know that your vet is going to be there to provide the treatment s/he needs.

Is your pet sick? Get help from a qualified vet. Contact the Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 for more details.

Pets do not get sick out of the blue. In most cases, there are plenty of signs along the way. If you see any of the following signs, then it is time to bring your dog or cat to a vet clinic.

Changes in appetite

If your dog typically eats a lot and he is now skipping meals, that is a bad sign, the Health line says. It could be nothing but a reaction to the heat outside. But if two meals are refused and your dog’s eating habits show no signs of any change, then contact your vet.


If your pet starts drinking a lot more water than they used to, that could be a red flag. It could be a sign of kidney diseases or diabetes. Of course, if your cat or dog eats wet food, then s/he will likely drink less water than those who are on a dry food diet.

Hiding out

If your pet keeps hiding, lurking in dark corners, or burrows in holes, that’s another thing to watch out for. It could be that your pet is sick or he’s suffering from severe stress. Either way, it’s bad news. Get to the bottom of the issue by bringing your pet to the vet right away.

Sudden aggression

If your pet is suddenly quite aggressive, springing up on you, scratching you, or hissing at you, he might not be acting out. Find out what is behind the negative behavior before you punish him/her. Make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Urinating too many times

If your pet urinates more than six times a day or if s/he tries to urinate and cannot, follow up with your vet to determine the cause of the problem. It could be a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or even kidney disease. Getting on time treatment, especially in these cases, is a must. Before the condition worsens, you’ll want your pet to get the best possible care.

Eye problems

Does your pet have red eyes? Is there any secretion from his eyes? Those could be symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection. Do not dismiss those signs. Get help if you think your pet is sick. To know more, contact the Holistic Veterinary Healing at 240-715-6570 and set an appointment today.

You want your pet to be as healthy as possible. Regular visits to the vet will help ensure that. However, if you’re moving into a new home and community, finding one can be a bit of a challenge. Here’s how to pull it off.

Check out local options

Start out by checking local options. Look for veterinary practices near and around you. Once you have a list of prospective clinics, start winnowing down your options by checking out as much information as you can about these practices.

Do your homework

When you research these practices, consider the services each of the facilities has to offer. Not all clinics will have the resources, equipment, and team to provide for all your pet’s needs. That is a good way to eliminate many of the names off your short list. You may find that the hospital that provides the treatments you are most interested in are not in your neighborhood. Whether you are in Columbia, MD or Arlington, VA, a longer drive to the right clinic is worth the effort.

Pick a treatment approach

There’s something to be said for choosing a holistic animal hospital. If your pet suffers from chronic illness, then this type of approach may be a much better option than clinics that rely solely on western approaches to treatment, the PetMD says. These treatments often involve the use of drugs that may have bad long-term consequences, especially since too many drugs in your pet’s system can hurt your cat or dog’s kidneys and eventually lead to kidney failure. Prevent that scenario by going for a holistic approach to treatment.

Know why

Understanding the principles at the core of holistic medicine will give you a better appreciation of the care and treatment your pet will receive at a reputable holistic animal hospital. For instance, the holistic approach uses therapies that are more natural and safe. Unlike treatments that rely on drugs which could lead to harmful side-effects, using traditional methods and medicines can have a positive effect on your pet’s health and well-being. This approach also discusses diet and vaccines and their influence on your pet’s health.

Ask around

It wouldn’t hurt to ask around. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone. Reach out to your neighbors and ask. That way, you’ll get to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get the information you need at the same time. That saves you time and effort.

Check out the equipment

Be sure to take a good, long look at the equipment that the veterinary practice uses. A new or advanced diagnostic and monitoring equipment will render accurate result so that’s something to look out for.

Need an appointment? Book one at the Holistic Veterinary Healing today. 240-715-6570.

Your pet is an important part of your family, and providing them with the best form of healthcare is essential to their overall health and well-being. Your dog or cat deserves to be given the best opportunities for health and happiness, starting with all-natural solutions. At Holistic Veterinary Healing, we have a wide variety of holistic healing services for your pet to enjoy. Our holistic veterinarians Columbia MD professionals want to help you and your pet as much as possible, one alternative healing solution at a time. Here are some of the most popular

Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is one of the most popular holistic healing services available for humans and animals alike. Your pet can enjoy having their pressure points stimulated to release endorphins, which provide a wave of calm and healing to the body. Not only is this a good physical remedy, but it also physiologically releases energy that may get stuck to various energy points in the body. It will help energy flow more freely through your pet, making them feel young and energetic again.


Aquapuncture is a good alternative to pets who cannot hold needles in their body. This method uses B12 injections into the various acupuncture points on the animal’s body. It provides a cooling effect, and is a great remedy for pets who experience insomnia, anxiety, or constant panting.

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatments administered to pets are typically very gentle and gradual, and they can help provide some much-needed physical therapy to pets who are in chronic pain. If a pet is injured or seems to be stiff or in pain, this may be a good solution. It also is another good procedure for helping the energy flow through the body.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful tinctures procured from potent herbs and flowers around the world. These all-natural products contain healing chemicals that can positively influence your pet’s health. They are recommended for dietary, emotional, mental, physical, and digestive reasons for your pet. Essential oils are used alongside flower essences to help clean your pet’s mouth and internal systems.

Want the Best Treatments for Your Pet? Invest in Our Holistic and All-Natural Healing Services Today!

Our holistic veterinarians Columbia MD professionals are fully equipped to give your pet a healthier chance at life. From acupuncture to joint paint relief, there are many natural solutions that you can give your pet that will save you a trip to the pet hospital and keep your pet feeling younger than over. Give us a call today and experience the positive healing benefits for you and your pet.