5 Ways to Find an Animal Hospital When You Are New in Town

There is something special about a happy dog that just cannot be beat—sloppy doggie kisses, doggie hugs, and a dog that will not stop following you around. That is why it is always easy to tell if your pet is feeling under the weather or not. If you just changed addresses and are new to the area, then you probably need to start looking for a new veterinarian. Here are tips on how to find a good one:

Start local

Go online and look for vet clinics and hospitals near you, says Prevention. Going for local vets is a great way to get your search started. Not only will they be more accessible to you—meaning less traffic and travel time to worry about—it is also more likely that a few of your neighbors have already used their services. You can easily reach out to neighbors and ask about their experiences with the clinic or their feedback or opinion of the vet. It is an excellent conversation-starter that could pave the way for a friendlier interaction between you and your new neighbors.

Make a list

Put together a list to make it easier for you to compare the options available to you. Start with the clinics you found online, then reach out to neighbors for referrals that you could add to your list. Once you have those organized, it will be easier to work your way through all your available options.

Look over their qualifications

You love your dog so you naturally want the best for him. That includes finding qualified veterinary staff and doctors. Be sure to choose a clinic or hospital that is fully staffed with trained, experienced and qualified personnel. The last thing you want is to hand over your pet to someone who does not know a thing about pet care and treatment.

Check out their services

Not all hospitals or clinics have the right diagnostic tools or equipment. If your pet has been in an accident, make sure you get to a hospital that has the medical equipment necessary to diagnose, treat and save your pet’s life.

Consider beliefs and values

Not all vets and clinics have the same beliefs and values. You might want to consider veterinary holistic medicine to help keep your pets in optimum health. If you do not like the thought of your pet just being dosed full of meds every time he is sick, you might want to get in touch with an animal hospital that focuses on veterinary holistic treatments.

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